Simplifying Your Day To Day Business Functioning!

A new era of manufacturing innovation and competitiveness has arrived. With advanced and intuitive technology, you can reduce complexity and assure more accurate responses to customers.

The business climate is always evolving, and yesterday’s techniques and ideas may no longer be effective tomorrow. As a result, producers must be able to plan ahead of time rather than react to changes and disturbances. Manufacturing ERP systems from IC Prism let companies embrace change, keep up with emerging technology, and stay ahead of the competition.

In an ever-changing business climate, IC Prism provides solutions to assist manufacturers in becoming more intelligent, agile, and innovative. That involves incorporating real-time reporting and visibility into your business operations, market, and customers so you can make informed decisions.

Manufacturing companies can use IC Prism ERP for manufacturing to respond quickly and strategically to both internal and external business changes. IC Prism ERP systems let manufacturers not only adapt to change and disruptors, but also use them to gain a competitive advantage.

ERP for Manufacturing Industry

  • Manufacturing ERP reduces the complexity of operations.
  • Provide a one-of-a-kind manufacturing product and experience.
  • Provide a one-of-a-kind manufacturing product and experience.
  • Service and warranty revenue can help you grow your manufacturing company.
  • Optimize Supply chain planning, management, and fulfillment
  • Facilitating the Digital transformation in Industrial manufacturing has undergone digital change.

Core Modules of ERP services we offer for the Manufacturing Industry


Finance is a component of ERP for manufacturing industry that manages funds and accounting functions. Other essential modules, such as production planning, procurement, customer relationship management, and others, share data with the financial module. The financial module of this manufacturing ERP also produces reports depending on the data it collects.

Inventory Management

The inventory management module of ERP for manufacturing industry in India is critical for converting inputs into outputs. It entails organizing, staffing, and controlling all processes, from the initial procurement of raw materials through the completion of the finished good or product.

Distribution & Sales

IC-Prism’s sales and distribution module oversees the selling of manufactured items and products, as well as the distribution of final finished commodities. This manufacturing ERP further includes generating sales quotations, transferring quotes, managing customers, and tracking order shipment. In the production process, the sales and distribution module is quite important.

Quality Assurance & Production

In the manufacturing industry, the IC-Prism’s ERP for manufacturing industry in Noida helps with planning, scheduling, and production management. Other departments, such as production, inventory, and procurement, are integrated to enable the company maintain track of its quality levels at various stages. As a result, this module is required.

Weighbridge & Security Gateway

IC-Prism ERP for manufacturing industry in Delhi entirely automates the operations of the Weighbridge and Security Gate, providing an end-to-end solution for SG and WB activities. These operations are crucial since going through the security gates is the first step in delivering and shipping finished goods or accepting bought raw materials.


This Module of IC Prism ERP for manufacturing industry in Bangalore is used to track shipments and products through various transit points. Ports, depots, warehouses, storage yards, and go-downs are examples of these points. Logistics modules communicate with other modules such as manufacturing and quality control, as well as the SG and WB modules.

ERP Solution For Manufacturing Industry

More reasons to use ERP Software in Manufacturing Industry

ERP software for manufacturing market improves a manufacturing enterprise’s organizational efficiency by managing and enhancing how business resources are used.

Boosting and/or lowering the amount of resources required without sacrificing quality or performance are critical components of effectively improving manufacturing firm growth and profitability.

Manufacturing organizations can use ERP for manufacturing industry in USA to manage essential parts of everything from shop floor operations to supply and inventory planning.

Benefits of ERP in manufacturing industry

A modern, integrated manufacturing ERP system provides several accounting and strategic benefits of ERP in manufacturing industry. The following are the most important ERP benefits for manufacturing companies:

  • To boost efficiency, reduce redundancy and automate procedures.
  • Increasing productivity by optimizing manufacturing operations
  • Boosting the Supply chain, warehousing, transportation, and inventory management
  • Reducing risk and enhancing compliance confidence
  • Providing finest customer service
  • Bringing departments together and comparing metrics across the organization
  • Getting rid of the necessity for different systems that don’t communicate with one other
  • Obtaining real-time reporting for your business that you can access immediately
  • Increasing visibility and communication by centralizing operational and financial data
  • Developing the ability to respond to changes or disruptions in the corporate environment

Best ERP software for manufacturing in India, in general, improves processes and provides support that enables manufacturers to develop their business and boost revenue while increasing quality.