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Information Connected is all about connecting the dots so business owners and managers are provided the data needed to create, monitor, and evaluate Key Performance Indicators that affect all aspects of the business.

Over the last two decades we’ve worked with many of the top ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, and we found most to be pretty generic, seeming to fit across several industries specifically to sell more product. This concept was simple for the ERP companies; have clients adapt their processes to the ERP system, customize a few reports, a few fields, spend a few years getting it to work, and budget at least a quarter of a million dollars and a lot of time. Even with all the time, money, and conditions met the failure rate was high, averaging 35% where unfortunately companies never got up and running. The investment of time and money grew to a point it threatened the financial health of the company. Managers and owners felt they failed. They always retreated to what worked, even though not very efficient. Islands of information at least allowed each department to build their own empire to measure what mattered to each department, but they never saw the company as a whole.



We always knew there had to be a better way to access that single source of truth. We watched as several companies worked to develop their own department islands, mixing the best of several programs, hiring IT staff only to find several years later and a whole lot of money, it was never going to be what they had hoped. Information Connected eliminates islands of information. Over the last 5 years, we have researched technology for development, customization, and to link the islands of information. The systems we invested in and developed were easier and faster, which improved open access to worldwide resources. Quick and easy customization allows IC-KPI options to take small and medium manufacturing businesses into new methods of sales and marketing, best practices, increased profitability, and metrics that only larger corporations could afford.



It is pretty simple. We believe business is an ever-changing improvement process. We learn from key performance indicators, and everyone in the company from supervisors to team leads should have benchmark goals and metrics to measure performance. We measure, not to degrade or punish, but to improve so everyone can be the best they can be every dayIf your company embraces change for the better, IC-KPI can help grow your business with more efficient processes, eliminating redundancy, while providing manager dashboards with live data to see exactly where everything is. Tracking documents and projects through all phases, from the first quote to the final invoice ensures 100% accuracy and deliver as promised from our single source of truth.

We have been told many times IC-KPI is so far out of the box it’s hard for us to imagine there is a box. In reality, we find about any problem can be solved, it takes hard work, great communication, determination, and money. If you want a business partner that listens well, works to build success, and will always treat you with respect and charge a fair price, we will enjoy working on an initial discovery with you to see what we can do together. 


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