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Any industry, be it the FMCG or a random manufacturing industry, may come across certain challenges while going by their day to day operations. That said, an FMCG company may first encounter the Stock Rotation ((Dispatching Old stock first) problem if we removed the Affordable software solutions from the entire picture.

On the other side, locating the old stock in the warehouse is a difficult task that could interfere with or delay other important tasks, which would have a negative long-term effect on the company’s overall growth and sustainability. A bigger challenge is also ensuring better quality while managing multilevel distribution channels’ cost, operational efficiency, and cost.

        Benefits of our Affordable software solutions for FMCG and Manufacturing Industry 

On the other hand, our Affordable software solutions support the FIFO (First in First out) stock management system. With the aid of its Product Expiry feature, the Inventory can also be closely monitored. Moreover, a distinct barcode is used to track the entire process, and this is where validation enters the picture. The same stock is then compared to what is on hand in the warehouse. Discussing other key advantages, it will include minimal wastage and prevention of task duplication

An integrated system that would streamline all related business operations !

Our Affordable software solutions for F,MCG and manufacturing industry doesn’t only streamline the operations, but will also bring efficiency and overall organizational growth into picture in the long run.

  • Makes it simple to handle and manage multiple transactions
  • Aids in calculating profits in accordance with multidimensional business operations
  • Dealing with all of the relevant distributors and managing distribution efficiency is simple.
  • Improve the entire sales process so that every last detail is recorded for operational reasons.
  • Aids in the tracking and monitoring of all financial claims and receivables

                      Why choose our Affordable software solutions ?

Our Affordable software solutions assist in inventory management by maintaining a record of each lot and its corresponding serial number. Additionally, it is extremely helpful in procurement planning and conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s stock. 

Furthermore, it helps with tracking numerous order types and mass product dispatches. Account payables and receivables management would also benefit from it, and it also makes sure that all activities are carried out in accordance with and in compliance with industry standards.

On the other side, all pertinent reports would be processed and generated by this ERP system, lending the entire procedure more credibility. After the reports are exported into an EXCEL format, they can be used to report on and analyze a variety of business operations.

You can manage multiple organizational tasks simultaneously with the help of our affordable ERP solutions, including inventory management, sales and marketing campaigns, accounting transactions, compliance management, quality assurance, etc.

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Affordable software Solutions