Black Line Group R&D Tax Credits

We have a new partner. The big item is over 60% of the implementation , training and setup costs qualify for the tax credit.

Think about this, we charge 50,000 to setup the ERP the tax credit drops $35,000 off the company taxes. The cost ends up to be $15,000

This can be a year after year benefit, and we are going to add the R&D flag into accounting so as transactions are entered, we automatically tag the expense for R&D. We will be the only ERP offering live R&D tax benefits.

Studying, modifying, testing, improving a manufacturing processes qualifies, that’s what Prism does.

John Madsen’s information below. John is our R&D expert and understands manufacturing well. As our partner John offers a free assessment of your business tax credits options in 2021 and can provide a realistic assessment on Tax Credits that could be available in 2022 to invest in software automation to improve your business.

Simply email John at a request for an assessment and provide our partner code: IC-R&D to waive all initial assessment fees. The code is valid for 30 days.

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