Digital Transformation Solutions to help enhance your Business functions

Market leaders rely on ICKPI to plan and implement their ERP and enterprise IT transformation projects successfully. As the best ERP consulting company in Delhi, we stands out among independent ERP consultants for successfully completing more than 100 projects covering transformation planning, ERP selection, and ERP implementation in an industry plagued by unacceptable ERP failure rates.

Services for complete digital transformation

As a full-service ERP consulting firm, we guide our clients through every stage of the digital transformation lifecycle, from strategy and planning to vendor selection, risk management and contract negotiations, implementation project management and staffing, project rescue and recovery, and ongoing improvement.

Advisory Services for ERP

We’ll plan your transformation on an easy-to-understand roadmap that’s related to measurable business goals, from complicated Industry 4.0 initiatives to ERP project preparedness.

Being the most sought after ERP consulting company in Delhi, we assist companies in developing and implementing Industry strategies that enable them to deliver mass customization at scale, free people from manual processes, get differentiated intelligence, boost efficiencies, and generate new revenue streams.

Road Map for ERP Assessment and Digital Transformation

We collaborate with you to create a comprehensive and detailed technological transformation plan that is linked with your business strategy and backed up by a business case, return on investment, and total cost of ownership.

The evaluation comprises a complete set of plans and requirements to support ERP and technology selection, implementation preparedness, change management, implementation management, and post-implementation optimization, as well as future-state business process and technology architecture.

Making an informed choice on ERP

Don’t make your ERP decision just on the basis of functionality. A well-informed decision necessitates a delicate balancing of decision criteria, which are frequently at odds. By clearly defining objectives, building a specific due diligence approach, and analyzing software and service offerings against the 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit, we, as the best ERP consulting company in Delhi assist our clients zero in on the best ERP software and technology partners.

Drafting and Negotiation of Technology Contracts

Allow us to assist you in establishing a contractual framework that reduces total cost of ownership, generates predictable scalable solutions, encourages effective implementation, and safeguards your legal rights. Our legal and business advising team can help with everything from negotiating strategy to pricing benchmarks to lead negotiators, contractual risk analysis, and contract preparation.

Services for ERP Implementation

You need a partner with extensive expertise, industry understanding, and a proven ERP implementation approach to successfully transform your business through ERP deployment. A partner who will walk you through the complexities of business process re-engineering, project and change management, piloting, risk management, and training one step at a time.

Readiness and Planning for ERP implementation

As the most talked about ERP consulting company in Delhi, we always believe that preparation is crucial to success. We’ll assist you in establishing your organizational and governance models, including a project management office and project teams. Your implementation rollout approach, project scope, and plans will be defined by us. We’ll also prepare you for change by aligning key stakeholders, educating your core team, developing essential business procedures, and guaranteeing data readiness.

Managing the ERP Implementation process

By teaming with ICKPI, you can inject the knowledge, expertise, and technique you need to accomplish a successful ERP deployment. Our skilled staff will provide the structure and discipline required to complete your project on time and within budget. Most importantly, we’ll work with you to ensure that your revolutionary implementation project produces business results that are worth investing in.

Process Improvement and Business Optimization

Every firm has space for development. Utilize our expertise to optimize your operations and produce ROI, whether you’ve recently introduced new systems or are in the middle of the process. Your company, people, processes, and systems will be rapidly assessed and benchmarked by the ICKPI team. Then, by automating and optimizing business operations, boosting analytics, and strengthening your technical infrastructure, we’ll deliver business value.

Managing the Organizational Change

Implementing transformative projects involves significant changes across the organization.  Being the best ERP consulting company in Delhi, our change management professionals use critical techniques to align the entire organization and break down change barriers. We ensure that all organizational areas work together to produce the future state by focusing on goal alignment, executive leadership commitment, staff preparation, and user adoption.

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