Simplify the Management of Opportunities while effectively streamlining your sales management!

IC Prism ERP for Sales Management software for small Business will help your sales staff become more efficient and effective. It frees up the time of your sales teams by assisting them in the management of their opportunities and automating administrative procedures.

Using this specialized Sales Management software, your sales staff can:

  • Generate precise estimations
  • Ensure the streamlining of order-to-cash cycle
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering flawless orders.
  • Bring all of the Customers’ and orders’ information to your fingertips

Customer service is at the heart of any sales and distribution divisions, which handle everything from the first point of contact to shipping out the final product. Customer service inquiries may be handled quickly and efficiently through phone or the Internet thanks to the precisely integrated IC Prism Sales Management Software for Small Business.

While using this custom quoting software, everything from sales quotations and order status to shipment monitoring and invoicing will be right there on your fingertips.

How IC Prism Sales Management Software is Important for sales management?

With IC prism sales management software, you can manage Opportunities Software Development and various other related functions effectively. Besides, your organization can stay assured of getting the below mentioned benefits in the long term.

  1. Enhanced cooperation
  2. Less waste of resources and money
  3. enhanced Analytics
  4. Happy Customers and Clients
  5. Increased Productivity
  6. Better Risk Management and Simplified Compliance
  7. Improvised Inventory Control

Capabilities for IC Prism’ Sales Management Software

Managing daily Estimates and Quotes

Simply produce and track all RFQs—from the time they are received until an order is placed—from any customer or prospect. With a wide selection of Custom Inventory Software tools, you can rapidly and accurately create estimates and quotations. While using this Sales Management Software for Small Business, you can also:

  • Assist in the creation of accurate and timely estimates and quotes
  • Import data from various customers and systems
  • Verify the inventory availability during the quote entry process
  • Use dynamic task lists to keep track of who is working on the quote and when.
  • Verify customer part numbers against yours while providing a quote automatically.

Managing Orders

The IC Prism Sales Management Software is driven by a list of order management tools. From the time an order is placed until the time it is shipped, every step of the process is tracked to ensure that the customer receives the best possible service.

  • The Sales Management Software allows you to quickly and easily create new jobs for new orders.
  • Verify the creditworthiness of the customer whether entering a quote, an order, or a shipment.
  • Set up numerous releases for each sales order line and obtain parts directly from the inventory by using blanket orders

Demand Management

Through the integration of EDI and demand planning, IC Prism’s Sales Management Software For Small Business gives you a competitive edge over the competition.

Using this Custom scheduling Software, you’ll have complete freedom and control over the creation and management of customer contracts and schedules. Besides, you can also :

  • Shorten the planning and procurement process
  • Set up contracts for each customer with agreed-upon specifications such as pricing, demand schedule, and contract termination date with Demand Management.

Applications of IC Prism Sales Management Software


Use a precise and efficient quotation module to increase your profit margins via IC prism Custom Quoting software

Sales orders management

With IC Prism Sales Management Software For Small Business you can monitor and manage production, customer, and order status with just a click of the mouse

Electronic Data Interchange

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module can save you time and money by facilitating the sharing of crucial order data via Custom Inventory Software

 Shipping and Distribution Management

With IC Prism ERP Sales Management Software For Small Business, you can ensure having all the information and resources you need to have to make sure that your shipments arrive on time and without any delay.

Using our custom inventory software, your sales teams may set price floors based on market elasticity. This method gives salespeople more leeway to adjust pricing based on the specific circumstances of each customer. This method, on the other hand, enables the corporation to raise prices while maintaining its competitive edge.

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