ERP solutions that aims to bring clarity and efficiency to your business functions!

By engaging with IC-KPI, the best ERP consulting company in Noida, you can ensure that your ERP or CRM software implementation is not only on time, on budget, and meets future-state objectives, but also provides you with modernization capabilities.

If your company manages its business processes using disjointed systems and innumerable Excel spreadsheets, you may be at a distinct disadvantage, and it will become increasingly difficult to keep up with inventory management and other business activities, let alone stay competitive and current.

This is where a unified ERP toolkit comes in handy. The most important advantage of ERP software is that it works as a unified, integrated system that can handle all major business processes. For all of your data, it’s a single source of truth. Improved visibility into practically every aspect of your business makes it easier to spot chances for enhanced production, efficiency, cost-cutting, and accountability.

Streamline Your ERP Purchasing Process

You’ll need an ERP that’s tailored to your company’s needs and can extend as it expands. Consult with the most talked about ERP consulting company in Noida today to understand how to choose the best manufacturing ERP system in ten simple steps.

Implementing an ERP system with the help and support of our professionals delivers the following benefits:

  • Controls over security and governance are being tightened.
  • To manage workflows and business processes, a uniform, modern user experience is used
  • Access to thorough analysis and cross-functional reporting
  • From high-level data to transactional details, all procedures gets cleared
  • Visibility across the full client journey – from first contact to purchase to customer service needs

Why Should You choose IC-KPI ?

You shouldn’t have to be concerned about the logistics of putting a new ERP or CRM platform on your company. Being the best ERP consulting company in Noida, IC-KPI is uniquely qualified to deliver individual consultation and training to your team in order to analyze and maximize the value of your software solution.

Enhance the success of your ERP or CRM system implementation with our complete ERP and CRM consulting services, which include:

  • Evaluation, appraisal, and development of an ERP/CRM roadmap
  • Planning and deployment of ERP/CRM
  • Recovery/optimization of ERP/CRM projects
  • When another software integrator is in place, the ERP/CRM client team can provide support.
  • “Change Management” programs for user adoption to meet the need

Strategic Partnerships

As the most trusted ERP consulting company in Noida, our ERP specialists continue to rethink about various strategies, given what our clients have come to expect from their trusted business consultants. We can introduce you to the most innovative technological solutions and services through our strategic collaborations to help you obtain increased efficiency, effectiveness, and control over your AP payments.

If you currently have an ERP or CRM software system that you prefer or with which you have a contract, our consultants may do a Fit-Gap Analysis to see if and where any issues, functionality gaps, or bottlenecks exist. If you’re content with your current ERP and CRM software, we offer a variety of unique modification and optimization options that will help you get the most out of your existing systems.

Are you currently implementing an ERP or CRM system?

Are you currently working on an ERP or CRM system setup project and unsure if you’re getting the results you expected? Several projects have gone over budget and are taking longer than anticipated? If this describes how your project is going, we can help you get back on track by creating a recovery strategy that will allow you to realize your anticipated benefits.

To assist you turn your project around, our experts examine the present condition of the project, make recommendations for leading execution, and adopt best practices. Contact one of our advisors today for a free consultation!