Ensure enhanced inventory management, traceability and compliance to industry standards!

IC Prism ERP by IC-KPI provides food production solutions that can help your firm simplify operations and deliver goods to food market faster and more cost-effectively, all while adhering to the regulatory standards of the International food industry.

Our customized software supports your specific needs in the areas of product development, manufacturing, warehousing, quality, costing, custom display manufacturing, FDA conformance, planning, organizing, and storage of goods, whether you private-label, co-pack, or produce your own line of produced food or related items.

We can integrate our ERP software with your existing accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Sage 100 and 300, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and SAP Business One, swiftly and efficiently. Alternatively, if you want to upgrade your current manufacturing and financial business applications, our custom project management application can facilitate adaptability, accountability, reliability, scalability, and traceability you require to grow your business quickly and profitably.

ERP Software For Food Manufacturing

Key Benefits of using IC Prism !

IC-Prism can help with the increased complexity of the food and beverage business, as well as you customized requirements for innovation.

This ERP software may assist with activities including regulatory compliance, product traceability, and quality control. Forecasting, planning, inventory, logistics, and manufacturing are all areas where our tailor-made ERP solutions may help.

 Integrating all of your information into a single system gives you a bird’s-eye view, allowing you to manage all of your business activities from a single, centralized location. Our Food and beverage ERP software is used to centralize data and provide real-time information to manage a variety of company tasks. A properly integrated ERP solution may aid in the formation of a cohesive and productive workforce.

   Why you need ERP?

Tackling the complications in Inventory Management

One of the most significant business responsibilities of our ERP software in the food and beverage sector is inventory management. Given the short life cycle of the items involved, it’s critical for business owners to master inventory management, although moderating variables might make this difficult.

Inventory management has become a tedious task in food market due to the low shelf life of these commodities, as well as other considerations such as food-borne infections. Reduce waste, track expiry dates, and receive alerts when supply levels are low using an inventory management program.

Traceability of Products

One of the top factors pushing change in the food industry, according to Forbes, is a need for more openness. Consumers want to know what ingredients are used in their meals. Perhaps they’re checking to see if the product meets their dietary requirements or if it contains allergies, or they want to know if the food manufacturing process is going on in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Ingredient labeling becomes more precise with IC Prism ERP software. To reach the highest level of openness, this growing interest in what goes into food items necessitates end-to-end traceability. The capacity to track data on products across the food market chain is known as end-to-end traceability. The difficulty of maintaining accurate data records has pushed many businesses to turn to ERP software for food industry.

E-Commerce services

Meal delivery services and food delivery services are growing more popular in food and beverage industry, and these services are usually accessed via a smart phone app. Perfect timing and data management are necessary to supply perishable items properly.

So, to stay up with these developments while also overcoming the problems that come with them, you need customized ERP software for food market like IC-Prism.  Integrating your ERP system with an e-commerce system is a terrific way to keep track of vital product data in your online store.

Keeping up with the Industry regulations

To acquire various levels of accreditation, food distributors must adhere to some of the most stringent requirements. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate around 75% of the country’s food supply.

These restrictions are known to alter on a regular basis, which is usually the cause of product recalls or a loss of revenue for the company.

This is where IC Prism ERP Software for food industry allows businesses to optimize and scale up operations while lowering costs and meeting higher regulatory and customer criteria fast and effectively.

Key aspect that makes IC Prism the best ERP software for food manufacturing

  • Enhancing Product Development Speed
  • Quickly Increase Production Capacity
  • Maintain a high level of quality
  • Keep Costs Under Control
  • Complying by the Industry standard
  • Facilitate effective Inventory management
  • Optimizing planning and scheduling
  • Ensuring robust custom project management
  • Increase visibility and reporting quality

Give your food and beverage manufacturing unit the power of IC Prism’s holistic and customized ERP solutions today!