Conquer The Everyday Challenges Of The Woodworking Industry With IC Prism

As a manufacturer from the furniture and woodworking industries, you’re well aware of the manufacturing concerns and obstacles that arise when each order or item is unique. With more volumes and shorter deadlines, the possibilities of inefficiency and errors increase.

This holds critical especially if you’re using spreadsheets to manage pricing and production, or if you’re using a single-level bill of material generation. Yet, these systems aren’t built to handle make-to-order production.

You probably want to shorten the time it takes to price and manufacture products, be more adaptable, track jobs and labor properly, and decrease errors—and make product configuration and pricing more accessible to a larger group of individuals rather of just one or two.

In a nutshell, you are looking for an ERP for furniture manufacturing or woodworking industry that can handle the manufacturing of even the complex products, while taking care of all the aspects and elements involved.

 Manufacturing challenges in the woodworking industry

  • The difficulties in woodworking and cabinet manufacturing begin with estimating.
  • There are so many alternatives when it comes to height, width, thickness, wood type, form, and design that precisely setting and pricing orders becomes hard and time-consuming.
  • When you add in options for finish, assembly, and accessories, your furniture and woodworking items might have virtually infinite versions, each needing a distinct bill of materials.
  • You can easily under price or overprice without a system intended to manage dynamic wood industry goods like yours.
  • Besides, you can make estimates for something your company can’t produce. Pricing can take so long that orders are lost. Alternatively, your team is constantly waiting for the one or two employees who know how to setup items and generate estimates.
  • And cost accounting, which is crucial and challenging in the woodworking industry, becomes tough because labor is very variable, making conventional estimates difficult to produce and maintain, among other factors.
  • Stock control, production planning, job tracing, locating replacement parts, and other issues face dynamic wood industry product manufacturing.

 A dynamic ERP for the woodworking industry

Your ERP should be dynamic in the same way that your products are. IC Prism ERP solutions for wood manufacturing includes a dynamic, multi-level, rules-based BOM generator designed specifically for the woodworking industry’s complicated and mass-customized product manufacturing.

You can delegate the order entry process to engineering personnel. Your team may create and price items, schedule work, track production, and calculate actual expenses, among other things.

Your customers can also place orders using IC Prism ERP because the Configure Price Quote feature streamlines the quote and order submission procedure in furniture and wood manufacturing industries.

Monitoring every function or process involved

Is there an excessive amount of raw material taking up space in your warehouse? Do you just know how much inventory you have based on weekly cycle counts? Allow the Materials Management capabilities in IC Prism Woodworking and Cabinet Manufacturing ERP Solutions to assist you.

Stock inventory is distinguished from purchased-as-needed inventory by IC Prism ERP software for Wood industry. You can manage for all needed parts with our Dynamic BOM. Stock inventories is assigned, and supplies purchased-as-needed can establish one or hundreds of purchase orders related to a single job instantly.

A perpetual inventory model also provides real-time updates on WIP and finished goods. On a job-by-job and line-item-by-line-item basis, or across all ongoing jobs, this degree of integration provides visibility into what has been received and, more critically, what has not been received.

Keep a track of your work processes with IC Prism

Do you need a means to keep track of your processes? The Production Workflow capability in IC Prism ERP for wood industry manages processes like scheduling work, optimizing materials, and monitoring progress to ensure on-time delivery.

You have the option of going paperless or bar coding everything. You can simply figure out which product options generate the most returns and develop production pop-ups to notify the production floor when that option is available.

If a step is missing, the integrated features of IC Prism ERP solutions for wood manufacturing notifies production right away. Besides, it notifies downstream stations of any possible problems with a particular item. For more challenging steps, you can include supplementary documentation.

Furthermore, tracking your progress allows the office to keep track of product and work status without disrupting production.

Updating your existing BOM

Changes in woodworking industry mostly happen on the floor. Your employees can adjust amounts and swap materials inside a BOM on the shop floor with IC Prism. This ensures precise inventory without the need for cycle counting, as well as accurate work costing. You’ll also be able to compare the job’s expected and actual material usage.

A versatile and dynamic solution

From sales to shipment and everything in between, IC Prism provides a versatile solution for the changing demands of woodworking firms.