The visibility provided by IC Prism ERP for Electronics Manufacturing Industry allows you to control every area of the distribution network, align demand with production operations, maintaining proper inventory levels, and fulfill customer requirements financially.

IC Prism Electronics Manufacturing ERP software further encourages smart sourcing strategy based on real-time demand and turnover rates, resulting in long-term cost reductions and the elimination of possible issues with components obsoleteness and shortfalls.

IC Prism ERP system lowers production costs, simplifies manufacturing conformity, and boosts profits while improving customer service and satisfaction.

 Why you need IC Prism ERP for Electronics manufacturing industry?


To assist reduce bottlenecks in data processing and production mistakes, IC Prism ERP solution automates vendor lists, material invoicing, orders, and other fundamental manufacturing procedures. This contributes significantly to the improvement of the quality of produced devices in electronic manufacturing.

Administering Complex supply chains

An electronics manufacturer‘s ability to connect in real time via web-based industrial manufacturing Cloud ERP software is critical. This allows the organization to communicate information with all of its vendors from a single platform, eliminating the need for time-consuming and inefficient phone calls, emails, and faxes. To improve operational quality, efficiency, and visibility, the key is to go paperless and engage in real-time interaction through IC Prism ERP software.

Enhancing quality while tracking issues

For chips electronics manufacturers, tracking flaws and weaker aspects in the manufacturing process is essential. IC Prism ERP for electronics manufacturing automatically track any weaker link and issues, allowing for real-time and flawless data flow across the company.

Facilitate lean management.

Lean tools should be integrated by electronics and electrical manufacturing firms to optimize supply chains. As a result, ERP solution for electronics manufacturing enterprises assist organizations in obtaining a continuous, demand-centric, and accurate data flow.

Enhance traceability.

Product codes and availability should be tracked automatically by industrial manufacturing ERP software against raised orders. This necessitates the inclusion of a feature that improves the traceability of the multiple items in Electronics manufacturing.

Real time insight

Electronics manufacturers should choose an ERP system that provides real-time insight across the board. This necessitates intuitive machine, supply chain, production process, cost, and material tracking, among other things.

Key Features and Benefits of IC Prism Electronics ERP

We understand the demands and problems of the electronics manufacturing industry, and we can provide you with the proper combination of technology and business expertise. Our ERP solution modules are tailored to save operating costs, improve response times, boost customer happiness, and speed up corporate operations.

Quality improvisation

All regulatory and compliance standards are simple to comply with and track. IC Prism ERP software gives management the flexibility to manage numerous planning models and variations while gaining a deeper understanding of all elements of operations in electrical manufacturing.

Increased profitability

Using IC Prism ERP system, make quick and precise decisions based on real-time data.

Enhanced Customer satisfaction

With good aftermarket sales and support, you can ensure that your customers are constantly satisfied. Custom features are possible thanks to the IC Prism ERP system‘s versatility.

Advanced Planning

Resource coordination, as well as the creation of sales predictions and production plans, is all supported by IC Prism ERP solution Planning modules.

Simple customizations

An online system may be updated remotely with new elements or adjustments to the existing system, basis on the client’s or customer’s request.

Instant Order Processing

Once a quotation is established in electronics manufacturing, all components and materials prices may be programmed into the IC Prism ERP system, allowing gross margins to be determined instantly.

Key Modules of IC Prism ERP for Electronics manufacturing system

Demand Forecasting and Purchasing

  • Collaboration with customers
  • POS (point-of-sale) incorporation
  • Reliable planning Algorithms
  • Administering the product life cycle

Sales and service

  • Order entry with integrated rules, including EDI, internet, and mobile
  • Credit, collections, pricing, discounting, payment, and other terms at the customer level
  • Commissions and royalties integration, including reporting
  • Returns administration
  • Reservations and allocations

Reporting & Analytics

  • Profitability analysis of customers, suppliers, and products
  • Drill-down access in real time
  • Business intelligence solutions that make creating and distributing reports simple
  • Alerts, dashboards, and key performance indicators established by the user
  • Reporting on industry-specific compliance

Logistics & Transportation

  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Route optimization and planning
  • Integrated shipping interfaces and rules
  • Support for multiple carriers

Financials and Accounts

  • General ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounting and financial reporting

Production Scheduling

  • Planning inventories
  • Product assembling
  • Batch Traceability

Customer satisfaction

  • Providing quotations
  • Dealing with complex orders
  • Supply on Demand
  • Maintenance of Customer service portal

Supply Chain administration

  • Inventory control
  • Management of supplier portal
  • Purchase management
  • Warehouse management