Evaluate and recommend solutions

After a detailed discovery, IC-KPI will provide a list of options and recommendations with areas where we know you can improve and details the areas of the company where you can see attention is needed. It could be as simple as connecting a few programs together to share information, or adding ERP modules to create a more uniformed approach to managed data, sales, marketing data, building ecommerce platforms, mobile apps etc..  Once we complete our recommendations and proposals, all we ask for is a decision to move forward or not. Many companies that choose to ride the merry go round of indecision find a different world to adapt to once decisions are finally ready. 

While IC-KPI offers many solutions for manufacturing and custom development, we also partner with many 3rd party companies when specialized needs occur. From engineering, optimization, nesting, part management, field service, inventory, route planning, and mobile apps, IC-KPI can evaluate and recommend a wide variety of solutions that integrate seamlessly into our products for the Single Source of Truth.


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