Making The Remote Workplace A Better Workplace

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, remote working has been in the spotlight. Some people are working in the home workspace while others are from kitchen tables. Some have set up in coffee shops or working with other people at coworking spaces. There has been a rise in the remote companies which don’t have premises and technology but they work like a normal company. 

First-time remote workers now have a taste of a new life where daily commute or flying thousands of miles are not needed for meetings and this also ensures that there is a flexible work environment. With the help of remote working, people get to spend more time with family. It seems that working remotely is here to stay and its popularity is increasing day by day.

“We can still maintain the culture, ensuring we’re interacting and making remote working fun”-Ruman Gill
Challenges in working remotely
Despite the advantages, work from home isn’t always roses.

  • The challenges include difficulty in connecting when you’re not in the same room with your colleagues or meeting face to face. 
  • There is a constant feeling of loneliness and isolation. 
  • There is also a lack of boundary between home and workspace which leads to distractions.
  • Remote employees often reported working longer hours than required as they were facing difficulties when to stop.

Working for unusually long hours often affected their social life and creative culture.
Tips for employees for working remotely

  1. At first, find the right space with natural light and a quiet environment and set a schedule. In this schedule plan in breaks as it is energizing to take a break and put your mind off things for a while. 
  2. Try to communicate more and stay in the loop with your projects and colleagues.
  3. Choice of clothing or wearing something that makes you feel confident, motivated and professional can influence your emotions and moods.

How companies can manage remote workers:
– Communication is crucial so try to keep in touch with your employees as much as possible.
Communication will make remote working a better alternative for working. 

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