IC-KPI understands companies come in all sizes; each is unique in what they do every day and what they expect from their data.

Some prefer an end-to-end solution at the go live that links everything. Connecting all sources into a resource that creates alerts, monitors workflow, and takes the guesswork out of the orders, while others prefer a simple phased-in approach to change. 

With our systems seamless connected modules, it’s pretty easy to start with a few core modules and grow into a full robust business management tool over time. 

While a phased-in approach does require a greater investment of time in the long term, and some redundancy while the phases are incorporated, some smaller companies benefit by implementing only limited portions at a time.  If the launch is limited to a few core modules like sales and accounting, as growth permits, other modules and options for connectivity and data management like mobile apps, e-commerce, production, and marketing can be added to get closer to the goal of one single source of truth for all your business data.


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