After the implementation is completed, it’s easy to let the system work and react almost daily to little adjustments that need to be done to make dataflow better. Many of these little tweaks create other little issues that require additional tweaks.

We know it is particularly important to review what was done, fairly evaluate what works well, and what needs to be perfected. 
Six weeks after the system goes live and all staff are trained and comfortable with their part of the process, we schedule the 1st review. We work the with our customers project champion to log requests from staff, then organize and prioritize so the requested adjustments can be made with little to no interruption.

After the initial six-week review, we recommend a four-hour review of the overall process every six months with our project manager and the customers project champion. Here we will evaluate where our customer is in the long-term plan, where we can assist in the next phase, and what adjustments can be made to automate the data to avoid mistakes, eliminate forgotten tasks, and improve communication.

Manufacturing is always evolving, tweaking, and modifying to respond to an ever-changing customer. 

IC-KPI is a long-term partner with our customers. With accurate data, we can help identify limitations and recommend resources to overcome them well after the initial sale.


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