What Does IC-KPI Offer to Manufactures?

Best of the Best IC-PRISM (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for small to medium sized manufacturers. Options for specialized distribution, wholesale and retail to support manufacturing, point of sale systems, web design and interface.

Business process consulting services with a 2-day minimum on-site or remote options around the world. Our consulting offers an opportunity to study your workflow, find success with department managers, establish needed metrics and a fair evaluation of what you have now and can it be done better.

 Under agreements as an Independent Representative with several software and hardware partners, we also offer specialized Engineering, Optimization, MES, Takeoff, Estimating, E-Commerce, RFID, and labeling systems in selected regions in the world.  All of these products we recommend can be linked bi-directionally into IC-ERP systems for seamless flow of information from the first hello from a client to the final payment.

Custom Development for special needs. Whether you’re connecting a VOIP phone system to your data, custom links to engineering, part management to increase production, time tracking on each operation for reliable job costing, links to automate accounting or verifying what you ship gets delivered 100% of the time IC-KPI can deliver what you need at a reasonable cost.

Connecting the dots!

  • Are your departments using separate software systems that are not connected or share data?
  • Would it help if everyone was on the same system?
  • Are you happy with your customer service status today and are your on-time shipments going down?
  • Comprehensive ERP system for project-driven companies.
  • Single source of truth for all employees.
  • Stop the madness of overlapping departmental spreadsheets.
  • Perfect inventory management with state-of-the-art technologies for supply chain management.
  • Readily available data to boost production and efficiencies.
  • Easily share data between departments
  • No need to settle for small development, vertical market technology that becomes outdated and is incomplete. Our global ERP system for project-driven companies.
  • Do you have a CRM system in place that is built for your specific processes?
  • Does your method of accounting perform transactions with automation entry?
  • Have everything on hand or accounted for before you start a job.
  • CRM: make good first impressions on call-ins and bids.
  • Accounting and automated transactions for enhanced, real time dashboards, real world status.
  • Serve your customers more professionally by having access to important and valuable data.
  • Stop start-up and/or spreadsheet mentality and move to a real, custom project business platform from a global a leader in ERP
  • Be proactive (save money) vs reactive (waste money).
  • Market to existing customers or prospects through bulk email or text