Md. Mozammil (Moz)

Director Implementation & Services

An initiator, implementor, executor, and management guru, Md. Mozammil (Moz) is the Director of Implementation and Services at the IC-KPI. He has worked in managing and implementing services on various platforms for the last 12 years. His additional job role also included working on mobile applications, MRP systems, ERP, and MES. He has a great understanding of people and has built a fine reputation among various partners and global leaders. When he collaborates with the clients, he not only brings success but also brings valued interpersonal relations to the board that are fruitful in terms of networking.  

He started his career as a keen observer and doer, but today, his team does everything he has mentored and taught them. He has undoubtedly built a robust foundation in the company that will be beneficial for all future employees.

Moz as a person never fears challenges or tasks that will bring him out of his comfort zone. Instead, he is a critical thinker who loves new challenges and trying new approaches. With his team, he ensures stringent quality control that he overlooks at a personal level. His way of giving feedback is also constructive and makes you want to learn more and do better.

We think of him as one of our valued Partners and trust his implementation and management skills. Years of talented and dedicated work has made him a backbone of our company, one that we cannot do without.