Pavan Kumar

Director of Digital Marketing

Pavan Kumar

Flamboyant, team leader, supporter, and thought leadership builder, our Director of Digital Marketing, Pavan Kumar is a pioneer in the digital marketing space at our organization. He has 11 years of digital marketing expertise; he joined the IC-KPI to build up our social media profiles and offer automated technology. His expertise will help us understand the ever-changing social media platform scenario and update us about the latest trends.

Kumar started his career by selling digital marketing solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and worked as a digital marketing assistant to gain experience. After obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration, he joined agencies that specialized in SEO and SEM. His contributions have always surpassed the expectations that his teammates have had from him in the past.

He then went ahead and took up managing the entire digital strategy for various brands. He has been an essential part of the success of our organization involving automation in 73 countries. We truly think of him as a backbone to us in the digital marketing space.
He has significantly contributed towards ensuring end-to-end quality control, measuring and monitoring every level, fast decisions based on real-time data, and embracing changes for betterment.

Years of working with such dedicated and talented digital marketing professionals gave him profound knowledge in digital and online marketing and how to lead both programs and teams to successfully architect and execute a plan. Our team is glad to have experts like Kumar on board with us to look after our entire digital marketing domain.