Custom Manufacture in the Wood Industry
Texas, USA
Purchase IC–ERP for manufacturing
Links:  Engineering, Part Management, VOIP
Go Live August 2020
Implementation :  Budget: 500 hours,   Actual 478 hours
Phase two customization: Budget: 100 hours,  Actual 120 hours

In 2019 we researched several fully functional ERP systems and reviewed three top level systems with the assistance of Terry Gregory. We felt all would work if we adapted to what they offered and seemed pretty complex. Most quoted 12 to 18 months to reach a reasonable fully functional system the costs well over 250K. This was well out of our budget for a company with only 30 employees. In 2020 Terry introduced us to IC-ERP with functionality even beyond what we reviewed for e-commerce and marketing. We committed to purchase IC-ERP and have been pleased with the process, staff and commitment to help. We went live at the end of 2020 and have added a few customizations after the conversion from our old systems. As an owner I feel I finally have up to date data I can count on to make better business decisions. IC-KPI delivered what was promised with their ERP, saved us a lot of time, money and stayed well below our very low 6-figure budget. Terry and Mark have been there through the process to make sure we stay on task, keep an eye on the future and keep tweaking to improve. If you need a company to help connect all the information into a single resource that makes sense, IC-KPI can help you get there.

Glenn C.

Implementation & Migration For Solar Energy Enterprise
Edinburgh, Scotland
Go Live September 2020
Implementation : Budget: 300 hours, Actual 278 hours
Phase two customization: Budget: 150 hours, Actual 125 hours

“In 2019, my team was searching for an implementation and migration facility for solar energy. Right from the beginning, my communication with their team went in very smoothly; they were available every step of the way. Efficiency and quality work are a by-product of being associated with their team. It was a sheer pleasure to work with them. The implementation was seamless, and I faced barely any hiccups. We purchased IC-ERP and were very satisfied with the results. Their staff is always committed to helping. I feel like we can count on them for the future as well. We eventually went live in September 2020, and all the information and the resources that were put into use were worth it. If you need a robust organization that gives attention to detail, Terry’s team is the one for you. I feel like their IC-ERP delivered the results that we had expected. Not only was it cost-efficient, but it saved a lot of our time as well. Their team is considerate, pays attention to your budget, and suggests only the things that fit your pocket. In fact, their customizations are also quick, we gave them 150 hours to work on it, and the job was done in 125 hours. Isn’t that terrific? I mean, what more could we ask them. We were beyond thrilled to work with them.”

– George Matthews

Employee Performance Management System
Toronto, Canada
Go Live January 2021
Implementation : Budget: 450 hours, Actual 436 hours
Phase two customization: Budget: 130 hours, Actual 120 hours

“Before we started this project, my team and I were looking for someone who dedicatedly works on the project and gives us complete attention. Our industry is also a complex one where only performance matters, and managing that is a difficult task for anyone who associates with us. But the team at IC-KPI are so good at what they do; we never had to explain them the same thing twice. They created an entire project map for us; they implemented the same thing in less hours and also helped us go live on the date that we had decided. We basically never had to compromise on anything. It was a cakewalk for us. Their team was constantly in touch with me and they kept updating me with everything that was important. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. In fact, after the project went live in January 2021, their post-execution services were also commendable. Their team reached out to me and asked me if there were any issues that I faced. The management system they created to track our employees’ performance was absolutely robust and easy to work with. Being someone who is not well-versed with gadgets and new features, I thoroughly enjoyed learning new things from their team of enthusiasts who are always on the look to do better each day.”

– Brian Smith

Consolidates International Business Processes For Footwear Leader
Lima, Peru
Go Live March 2021
Implementation : Budget: 400 hours, Actual 385 hours
Phase two customization: Budget: 130 hours, Actual 115 hours

International business processes can be complex; they are never easy to comprehend because many regulations are involved. You just can’t do much about it if you don’t have complete knowledge about things. We wanted to create a consolidated international business process for your footwear leader. This task was essential to me as I tried to make everyone’s work in my team easy and seamless. I reached out to the team at IC-KPI, and they were kind enough to help me with everything. Their team created automated processes for us to manage everything at just the click of a button. There was no human interference required. This transformative work was completed in significantly less time, and we went live with it in March 2021. The feedback that I received from my internal team was also impressive, and I kind of felt that we executed more than what was ideally expected from us. Definitely, I would recommend Terry and his team of experts who are always there to solve people’s problems and make their work easy. They are real genies of the modern world. They helped me execute a cognitive flow of work that was not just essential for me but for my coworkers as well. The automated process that they created also reduced a lot of paperwork for me and my time.

– Peter Geller